Cambodia in Focus – August

UN Chief Proposes to Help in the Resolution of Thailand and Cambodia Border Dispute

Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon has offered his assistance on the matter of Cambodia and Thailand’s border dispute. He hopes that both countries settle their border dispute amicably through dialogue, and he has offered his help.

This in light of Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia Samdech Hun Sen’s letter sent to the United Nations regarding the threat of use of armed forces of Thailand to settle the said border dispute.

Cambodia Looks for Foreign Investors to Improve Rice Milling Industry

In its effort to improve the rice milling sector, the Kingdom of Cambodia is actively looking for foreign investors that can fuel money to invest in massive irrigation systems and milling warehouses that can sustain the production of rice for export.

Prime Minister Hun Sen has discussed this with the Prime Minister of Malaysia Najib Razak. He has mentioned to talk about this matter to Philippine President Benigno Aquino III, as the country is the top importer of rice in the world.

For the past half year, the government has been actively spearheading a number of programs that will increase the rice export capability of the country. These moves seem to have worked as Cambodia’s rice export was at 107,291 tonnes earlier this year.

US $597.7 Million Pledge from the Asian Development Bank to Cambodia

Cambodia is set to receive a US $597.7 million pledge in loan and grant by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) over a three-year period starting from 2011 to 2013.

The pledge will be divided among many development projects in the country. US $558.5 million will go to projects in agriculture, urban development, energy, financial development, natural resources, and rural development, etc. The remaining US $39.2 million will be appropriated to local and subregion projects.

ADB Country Director Putu Kamayana states that this assistance to the country has been increased as compared to the previous years as Cambodia has shown commitment in alleviating poverty and developing the country.

Neak Loeung Bridge to be Constructed by Late 2010

Mr. Tram Iv Tek, Minister of Public Works and Transport, has announced that the Neak Loeung Bridge that will link national road 1 is expected to commence during the last half of this year or during the early months next year. It is expected to be finished by March 2015.

The Neak Loeung Bridge measures 2,200 meters long, 13.5 meters wide, and 37.5 meters high. When finished, this bridge is expected to facilitate easier transportation from Cambodia to Vietnam and will help boost the economic, social, and cultural cooperation of the country towards Japan.

Cambodia-Thailand Diplomatic Links Re-established

Cambodia and Thailand’s diplomatic links have been re-established after each of the country’s respective Ambassadors returned to their embassies.


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